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Paul from Las Vegas is back!

from Scott Merkin's mailbag:

What do you think about this: Joe Crede to the San Francisco Giants for Matt Cain and Jonathan Sanchez?
Merkin tries to say 'Sabean isn't that big of a moron' gently:
Here's a statement of fact in my mind: If Ken Williams can acquire Cain for Crede, make the trade today. As I've mentioned countless times previously, Crede was the Most Valuable Player from start to finish during the 2005 playoffs, and he just started to come into his own offensively in 2006. But because of last season's back surgery, Crede's value remains uncertain and Cain or the Angels' Chone Figgins or Scot Shields probably are a little much to expect in return, at this point.
Paul from Las Veags reloads!
There are a lot of rumors out there saying Paul Konerko will go to the Angels for Figgins, Ervin Santana and Howie Kendrick. I love Konerko, but what would this do for us? Will this go down and if it does, will it help us?
and Merkin tries to say 'The Angels aren't morons' gently:
It always amazes me how one somewhat speculative story, albeit from a solid reporter referring to a source, sets off a rumor mill firestorm. One of my friends actually called me on the Saturday afternoon in which the Konerko talk re-emerged and told me he had read on a fan site on the Internet that the deal was done and a press conference was coming. I apparently missed that particular conference call, as did Konerko, Williams and the four or five players the White Sox were receiving in return. ... If it's the Angels, by the way, I would be stunned if Kendrick is part of the deal.
Seems Merkin caught a little bit of the spirit too though:
Who is going to be the White Sox left fielder?

I look for some sort of platoon ultimately to take place between Jerry Owens and Carlos Quentin. That combination puts Swisher in left when Owens is in the lineup playing center field, and an outfield of Quentin, Swisher and Jermaine Dye from left to right when Owens is on the bench.

Why take at-bats away from Quentin and give them to Owens?

In other news,