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Dotel's agent says Dotel hasn't signed any deal with the Sox


Rumors of Octavio Dotel signing with the White Sox have been slightly exaggerated -- at least for the time being.

Dan Horwits, Dotel's agent, told on Friday afternoon that the White Sox certainly are in the mix, but no decision has been reached.

"Are they one of the teams we are talking to? Yes," Horwits said. "All the rest of the stuff is inaccurate."

A story began making the rounds Friday morning explaining how the hard-throwing right-hander had agreed to a two-year, $11 million deal with the White Sox, with attribution being given to Impacto Deportivo. According to a loose translation of the story, a relative of Dotel's had confirmed the signing.

But Horwits proceeded to count off six teams with which Dotel currently remains in "active discussions," although no other team was specifically listed past the White Sox.

"Some are looking at him as a closer," Horwits said. "Some are looking at him as a setup man."

I guess the 'Congratulations' were a bit premature.
In other news,