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Brian Anderson wants some playing time

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somewhere in America:

Brian Anderson won't be in attendance at SoxFest this weekend, and if he gets his ultimate wish, Anderson won't be with the White Sox when Spring Training begins in February. His desire to be traded doesn't deal directly as much with leaving the White Sox as it does with getting the best chance possible to play at the Major League level during the 2008 season. Anderson currently stands as a long shot to even make the Opening Day roster in Chicago. But this is a different Anderson now talking one month away from the spring reporting date than the somewhat defiant individual who spoke to at the beginning of the offseason. Not only does the 25-year-old come into the new year as prepared as he's ever been for Cactus League action, but if a trade doesn't take place in the next few weeks, he's more than ready to go to bat for the only team he has ever known since getting picked in the first round of the 2003 First-Year Player Draft.

"I had a negative attitude and that chip wasn't getting me anywhere," Anderson told earlier this week. "The thing is, I have to be mature about it. I'm employed by the White Sox, so I have to go out and try and compete. If that's not good enough for them, there are how many other teams out there? Trades are always possibilities."

...Anderson rightfully points out how he only has 416 career at-bats and it's tough to make a complete value judgment during such a limited body of work. Nonetheless, Anderson has taken proactive strides to give his game on offense an equal chance to meet his lofty defensive skills. Whether it's playing for the White Sox or enticing another team's interest, Anderson simply focuses on what he's able to control and not complaining about what might have been.

"Really, I blame myself because it took me however long to get this wakeup call," said Anderson, who has yet to face live pitching, but said he's swinging pain-free in regard to a left-wrist injury that ended his 2007 season on July 6. "I'm in the best shape of my life and I have confidence in my hitting. When I would go to Spring Training in the past, I knew [hitting coach Greg] Walker was there and hoped he had something up his sleeve for me. Now, I feel set with my swing, aside from making some small adjustments. Not knowing is the most frustrating part," added Anderson, concerning his tenuous status. "I've told myself this whole offseason I want to play in the big leagues in center field, but I still work for the White Sox and have to get myself ready."

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