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SoxFest gives local scribes plenty of copy

via flickr (Chicago Extra)
Daily Herald
In Summary:
  • One fan was really upset Williams failed to bring Rowand back to the south side, and wondered if the Palmer House Hilton had sweetbreads on the room service menu.
  • There will be an open competition for second base between Danny Richar, Juan Uribe, Alexei Ramirez, Pablo Ozuna, Julio Cruz, and Paco Martin.
  • Kenny Williams is "man enough to admit his mistakes," which is why we added $30MM in bullpen arms. Nick Masset, whose presence on the 40-man roster seems to indicate that he does not fall into the mistake category, shall be called Kenny's happy accident from now on.
  • Bobby Jenks and Orlando Cabrera could be receiving extensions soon. Neither seems like a good idea right now, but for completely different reasons.