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Final Day of SoxFest yields several gems

Mark Gonzales, embracing the power of the quick quote filled blog post, brings us three gems from the final day of SoxFest.

Gem #1: Gonzales writes

Masset is out of options but one Sox source thought that Masset was protected like a Rule 5 pick last year.

"We didnt get to see the guy we traded for," Williams admitted.

Williams thought that Masset's participation in winter ball resulted in a 3-4 mph drop in velocity and that his pitches weren't sharp.

Masset's work will be stretched out in spring training to prepare him for the middle relief duties if he makes the team.

I don't really understand the Rule 5 comment, unless the source was insinuating that Masset was forced to stay on the roster -- presumably from front office pressures -- in the same way that a Rule 5 pick has to stay on a teams roster the entire season.

I expect Masset's option status to force him onto the roster once again. Williams expects Masset to throw in the mid-90's, and if he even shows a little improvement over last season in the spring, he'll get the opportunity to come north.

Gem #2: When asked about the changes in the scouting department, Williams skirted the quesion, but still dropped this.

"I just didn't see the results I'd hoped for," said Williams, adding that he might have put too much trust in Shaffer despite preferring other players as first-round picks.

Gem #3 highlights the best of Ed Farmer and the worst of a nameless member of the bullpen.

"What do you have on 35 across?" Farmer said one reliever asked the other. "Moses' brother. What do you have?" the other reliever asked.

"Larry," Farmer said the other replied. Farmer said he has to tell the reliever that this question pertained to Biblical references and not the Three Stooges.

When the reliever was convinced his answer was right, Farmer responded, "put Shemp in there if you want."

Logan or Jenks?