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And now batting leadoff for the Chicago White Sox ...

Maybe Ozzie isn't as crazy as I thought. Nahhh, it's probably the winter weather:

Guillen's focus will be on finding a leadoff hitter. Center fielder Jerry Owens seems to be general manager Ken Williams' favorite. Guillen seems to prefer [Orlando] Cabrera. Neither are proven in the top spot. Will this be Guillen's biggest headache?

"Yeah," he said without hesitation. "If Jerry Owens plays the way we think he can play ... I like the way he played last year.

Cabrera can be a leadoff hitter. Believe me, I want my leadoff hitter to get on base. I don't want a leadoff hitter to steal bases. The only way you are going to steal bases is if you are there. If you get on base, you have Thome, [Paul] Konerko and [Jermaine] Dye hitting behind you. We should score a lot of runs, but we have to get on base first."

Cough, cough...
In other news,