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Red Sox Show No Regard For Rays' Feel Good Story


I was ready to fire up a post about how easy the Red Sox went down at the hands of the Rays, about how our White Sox put up more of a fight in their ALDS series. And then that happened.

The Rays had a win expectancy of 99.4%. But 5 straight 2-out hits with runners in scoring position, and 8 runs in three innings against Tampa's bullpen, the second time they've come roaring back against the Rays pen (though they still lost the first) completely sunk my storyline as well as countless others.

Five 2-out hits w/ RISP. That's a month's worth of work for the White Sox. There goes my ready-made post, even if the Rays are able to hold off the Sawks.

At least we'll have baseball this weekend. I'll be rooting for the Red Sox in game 6, because the most exciting game so far this postseason was Danks taking down the Twins in game 163.