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Who Wins the Series?

Baseball Analysts polled their contributors for their World Series predictions. The results were decidedly one-sided.

Of our 32 entrants, 26 are going with Tampa Bay and only six with Philadelphia. Nobody is predicting a sweep, three (Hulet, Langill, and Neyer) see the Rays taking the Phillies in five games, 12 are picking TB in six, and ten see the AL champs needing all seven games to win it all. Among the half-dozen PHI supporters, 50% believe the NL champs will beat back the Rays in six and 50% think it will go the full seven.

I'd tend to agree with them. Hamels is good for at least one game (maybe two) for the Phils, but the Rays have the advantage in the other pitching matchups. They'll take another game outside the Hamels starts, but I don't think it will be enough. Rays in 6.5.