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Rain Stops Series, MLB Gets One Right

Congrats to Major League Baseball.

MLB World Series blog coverage on SB Nation

It's not often that Bud Selig and Co. are the subjects of praise by baseball fans, but the weather in Philadelphia helped highlight a little-known rule change (as in, I didn't know about it) that seems much more fair than the alternative.

Without going into the rule book, because I'd like to make this a stream-of-conscious post, the rule change, first implemented in 2007, now allows a game to be suspended after a half-inning without reverting back to the score from the previous full-inning. That means that were tonight's game between the Phils and Rays back in '06, and the game stopped after the top of the 6th, the Phillies would be World Series Champs right now because the score would have reverted to that at the end of the 5th.

Could you imagine the outrage around here if the Sox lost a regular season game like that? Now how about a postseason game? Or a World Series elimination game?

So Kudos to MLB for getting one right.

[Update by The Cheat, 10/27/08 10:53 PM CDT]: Just watched the press conference. Selig said that if the game was stopped early with the Phils holding onto a 1-run lead, they would have been in a rain delay "for as long as it takes," whether than meant hours or days. No time has been given for the resumption of play, and it sounds like conditions tomorrow could possibly push the game into Wednesday.