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Afternoon Link Dump

Wiz and anyone else, feel free to put anything good you find in here.  Those of you without posting access just link to to it in the comments.

  • Best LF of 2008 - Beyond the Boxscore continues its look at the best players by position.  Q! comes in at number 5 and gets the "overrated" tag.  His defensive reputation and assorted other metrics make it unlikely he's actually 15 runs below replacement level at playing left.  Fortunately, the dude who wrote this pops up every now and then and can sort out whether I understand his D scores properly.  In any case, Q! tied for the second best offensive output in MLB by their measure and I think that more accurately reflects his performance.
  • FIP+ AL Central - More from BtB, this time a division by division look at FIP performances relative to average.  Javy obviously badly underperformed relative to his peripherals and has a history of doing so, so feel free to ignore that one.  On the other hand, FIP is highly predictive for basically everyone else.  I don't blame Kenny for not knowing he had one of the few pitchers in the league for whom FIP isn't descriptive.  Rearden and I checked out FIP.  Basically unless you consistently get unlucky with things like LOB%, your ERA will eventually gravitate toward FIP. What an enigma.
  • Alan Nathan summarizes Pitch F/x progress - From Tango's Book blog, it's a powerpoint file, so be prepared to deal with that.
  • MVP Candidates and Total Year Production - Chris Dial uses a similar diagnosis method as the BtB guys and gets out his google spreadsheet to look at the offensive and defensive contributions in terms of runs above average (it appears).
  • THT Interviews Carlos Gomez - Larry's favorite internet talking head turned D-Backs scout gets interviewed by THT.  Not especially enlightening, though we get the kind of background details about him that would have been nice when he was a nobody penning stuff for THT.