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White Sox ALDS Game 2 Recap: By the Numbers

    MLB Postseason on SB Nation
  • 12 hits -- All singles
  • 2 walks and a HBP -- 15 baserunners
  • 0 extra bases taken -- 0 first-to-thirds, 0 2nd-to-homes
  • 3 total bases advanced on an out -- a 1st inning sac fly, and a 5th inning sacrifice
  • 3 hits w/ RISP, 2 failed to drive in a run, 0 after the first inning.
  • 9-32 -- Sox record when they fail to hit a HR
  • 4-18 -- Sox record in the monstrosities otherwise known as domes.

To add insult to this insult of an offense, as I was writing this, Rocco Baldelli, who has (falsely) been rumored to have Mutliple Sclerosis and does have a mitochondrial disorder, scored from first base on a bloop single that fell in between 3 White Sox fielders.