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Kenny Williams Would Like to Lower Your Free Agent Expectations

The front office has taken notice. They've seen your 900 I Want A Pony posts, dreaming of big name free agents, your 3-for-1 swaps for that healthy All-Star pitcher. They'd like you to take a step back, somewhere closer to reality.

"Payroll-wise, I stopped worrying about that," Williams said before Game 1 of the AL Division Series. "[Chairman] Jerry Reinsdorf will give me a payroll number and that will have virtually no bearing on what type of team I think we should have.

"It will give me a ceiling number, but we're not going to spend unnecessarily. We'll spend what's needed to try to put a winner on the field."

So slow down with your visions of Orlando Hudson, Rafael Furcal, or even Mark Ellis. We've got Chris Getz. He's like a piranha crossed with a ray crossed with a shark. You're gonna like him.

"Chris Getz can play," Williams said last week. "He's a guy who is more in the Minnesota Twins-type mold. You know how I like grinders, and he's a grinder-type guy.

He might not have the gaudy numbers, but he's going to help win games."

I'll have to update our payroll chart, which I think I neglected to finish last off-season, so you can accurately put together your wish lists. But that's for another day.

Yes, I realize there is nothing new here. The quote is from last Thursday. But judging by yesterday's threads, if I didn't have this here in the morning, Colin would wake up to 800 comments in the Orlando thread.