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White Sox Community Prospect Ranking -- You're Invited

The topic of prospects came up (and started to take over) in the previous thread, so I thought now would be a great time to give out Community Prospect Ranking another shot. It's been a year since we last attempted this, and since then, I've discovered how to use Google Forms. So, this will be a little bit different (and hopefully a whole lot easier) than in years past.

After the jump, I've embedded a form listing 20+ White Sox prospects. Please rank your Top 10 (and only your top 10) from 1-10 (with 1 being best). I've left off Adam Russell, who lost his rookie eligibility due to the number of days he spent on the big league roster. Surprisingly, Clayton Richard appears to limbo just underneath the rookie eligibility bar.

Once all the data has been collected, I'll perform some College AP Poll-type weighting to the results and post our Community Rankings