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Unnamed Scouts Confirm Our Critical Thinking, Gonzales Reports


Yesterday, I got an email from a young female student at DePaul who wanted to conduct some type of interview with me for an "online journalism" class (as if anything we do here is journalism). I may have inadvertently scared her away thanks to my sarcastic response about her trying to put one over on me, that there are only 2 female readers of this blog and we keep them isolated at opposite ends of the Earth to protect the future of our species.

Anyway, if I did succeed in scaring her away, it's only going to help her in the long run. I mean what insight do I have to offer the youth of America? Get the hell out of journalism? Learn 20 ways to cook roadkill?

Getting to the point, as I was reading the latest Mark Gonzales column, I remembered why this place exists, and may have found a little something to offer our intrepid little college student. You see, Gonzales gets some scouts to confirm the possibility of trading Jermaine Dye. The Trib is able to run "Jermaine Dye on the trading block" in bold letters. Blogs across the net run trade scenarios and speculate a return. And what do we do?

We just yawn and point out that you were an idiot if you didn't see this one coming.

Last week when Williams let it slip that Nick Swisher was no longer the White Sox center fielder, our immediate reaction wasn't where was Swisher headed, but that it meant goodbye to Jermaine Dye, or Paul Konerko, or Jim Thome (in that order). I'm not pointing that out because I'm trying to say 'I told you so.' I'm pointing that out because quickly arriving at that conclusion is what we do here. Critical Thinking is what we do here.

This blog exists because it takes the Trib 9 days to confirm what should have been immediately apparent to anyone with the ability read between the lines.