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More Viciedo Thoughts

He's still not officially signed, but he's the only news we've got right now. So, we'll keep on talkin' 'bout him.

Jeff Passan points out that the White Sox weren't the highest bidder for Viciedo.

Chicago’s willingness to put Viciedo in an open competition pushed them past three other teams, Torres said, one of which was offering more than $11 million. Viciedo’s familiarity with Ramirez, as well as the presence of Cuban Jose Contreras, helped sway him toward the White Sox.

He also confirms my assertion that the contract was historically rich for a player of Viciedo's age.

I haven't been able to put together an easy-to-read collection of his Cuban stats in part because my DNS won't allow me to access the Cuban sites that Wiz first linked when we learned that Viciedo was a free agent, and the stats that we do have don't seem to add up to his career numbers. Chris DeLuca says he hit .294/.403/.503 last year in the Cuban League.

Somewhere on the internets, and don't remember where anymore, and I hope I'm not making this up, I read that Phil Rogers would have ranked Viciedo behind only Beckham among the Sox top prospects and is the equivalent of another high first-round pick.