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Nick Swisher Is No Longer The White Sox' Center Fielder


Buried among the usual White-Sox-Need-More-Speed and Vazquez-On-The-Market notes which will no doubt plague our off-season until the Willy Taveras Era begins, Dave Van Dyck finds a noteworthy quote from Kenny Williams.


That was Williams' answer when (seemingly) asked if Nick Swisher would be the White Sox everyday center fielder next season. Swisher is among the players Williams is not-so-subtly whispering about to other GMs this off-season.

The implication from that statement may not be as cut-and-dry as it first seems. Yes, the White Sox will have a more traditional center fielder next season. Yes, Swisher is among the players Williams is currently dangling in an attempt to improve the team. But the article also notes that Williams has listened to "a lot" of offers for "Veterans."

It would seem dumb to sell low on a still relatively young player of Swisher's caliber, and it goes against Williams' acquisitional style. He's the buy-low, sell broke down pitchers guy. So, if Nick Swisher is no longer the White Sox center fielder, get ready to say goodbye to Jermaine Dye, or Paul Konerko, or even Jim Thome.