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Link Dump: 12/1



I also made this table on Excel.  Basically, if you use the positional adjustments and hold constant everything else, you can figure out what a league average defender needs to hit (in wOBA over 600 PA) at a position to be league average overall.  And once that's done, you can add defense back in and make this chart.  As is evident, 10 points of wOBA over 600 PA is worth half a win.  I think it's pretty cool, anyway.

  • Arb News from MLB trade rumors - Nothing really big, but a good recap of what's goin' on.
  • Gil gets his wins accounted - Nice to see this, since I can use it for...
  • This! which I've already linked to, but hey that's cool right?  It's my win accounting google doc, plus a bunch of other stuff, most of which is worth checking in on if you haven't in a while.
  • John Walsh looks at the extent to which pitchers actually have pinpoint control.  It's a pretty interesting idea and application of pitch f/x stuff.  I would also bet that the metric he uses there would line up pretty well with my balls called/strikes called command metric. 
  • Cripple Fight! - Just wanted you guys to know that 2008 Michigan probably wasn't as bad as 2007 Notre Dame.  Charlie sets the bar, and we clear it baby.  
  • Rob Neyer also links  to Seidman's win accounting and provides a little context.