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12/10 Link Dump

Excuse for shiny new front page post.  Will add more as more are found.  Also, I always say I'll put links dumped in the comments on the front page post, but I often neglect to do so.  So there's that.

  • BBWAA finds out internet exists! - They finally added some writers that use the interwebs as an outlet.  They are Will Carroll, Christina Kahrl, Rob Neyer and Keith Law.  After ten (?) years of doing this, BP has finally acquired enough cred to get into the club.  So I guess Cheat can expect his invite in 2015. 
  • Tango takes on all comers - Fangraphs has gone plaid since the end of the season and is by far the best aggregation of the best baseball stats anywhere publicly available.  But that also means explaining some of this stuff to the unwashed masses.  Tango obliges in a Q/A post and he's encouraging commenters to come to him with their questions.  If there's any guy out there doing better non-proprietory work out there, I'm not aware of it.  Plus he's usually very good at clarifying his numerical gymnastics.  Go forth and acquire knowledge.
  • Tango on Positional Adjustments - This is actually also in the fangraphs comments, but the position adjustment is pretty new and I do a bad job of explaining their necessity.
  • Fangraphs on Kerry Wood - Mostly reiterates the quick and dirty comments I made yesterday.  His conclusion is probably overblown, but the general idea that closers aren't the best way to spend money seems spot on to me.  Though they aren't as bad as JC Bradbury would make it seem.  He neglects the role of leverage in amplifying a top reliever's win contributions, which is a pretty critical gaffe.  K-Rod isn't responsible for the Mets failing to maximize his utility.
  • Yaz vs. Manny (Offense) - John Walsh starts off on a two part mission of discovery.  The end game: who was the 2nd best Red Sox left fielder of all time. (h/t: wiz)