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In Which Ozzie Guillen Is Synonymous With 'Negativity'

Javier Vazquez is now a member of the Braves, which is ironic, because he's scared of words.

"The negativity is never good," Vazquez said at his news conference in Atlanta. "I’ve always been a big believer in being positive, especially in professional leagues. You’ve got a lot of negative things going on, so you always try to be positive.

"I’m a positive guy, try to be positive all the time. I’m glad to be here in Atlanta."

"The only thing I’m going to say is it’s good to get away from the negativity and start fresh," Vazquez said. "I like the city, like the stadium. I’m a flyball pitcher, so this park, I think suits better with the type of pitcher I am. I’m looking forward to pitching here."

'Negativity,' of course, is code for Ozzie Guillen, who challenged Vazquez to step up his game prior to the series in the penultimate series in the Thunderdome. He could aslo be referring to the Chicago media, who were far harder on him for far longer than the 3 starts in which Ozzie asked Vazquez to step up.

But, c'mon. We all know it's Guillen. It makes a better story.