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Winter Meetings Day 1 Thread

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I thought about writing an FJM style entry Saturday dissecting Phil Rogers' latest column on leadoff men, but decided I had better things to do with my Saturday night. I then ran across three more Chicago-based articles on Sunday which referenced Williams' conference call non-denial of a question regarding Jerry Owens. I had to post something.

But just as I was setting out to write a post titled "Leadoff Man Bukkake," the Jermaine Dye non-news broke, distracting me for a good 90 minutes. So, there will be no impotence or Viagra references in this post. Sorry.

I do have to ask why our local beat writers assume Jerry Owens is your 2009 CFer and defacto leadoff man while Chris Getz, who outperformed Owens on the same Charlotte squad, is in a competition for the second base job and penciled into the 9th spot on the extremely premature '09 White Sox lineup. What is it about Owens skills at age 28 that suggests he's any better than the discarded Willy Harris? Why does the local media think leadoff hitter is a position, and not simply the first man penciled into the lineup?

Anyway, the winter meetings start today in Vegas, and rumors are due to start tricking in any minute now, so use the comments to do what you do...