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This is a joke right?

Sox print ad (click to enlarge)
From the Front Page of the San Diego Padres SBN blog:
Home Run Derby just exposed the White Sox. Those unimaginative, sorry bunch of South Siders have just totally ripped off the Padres tradition of wearing Camouflage. Everybody loves to insult us for wearing ugly uniforms whether it be the brown and mustard unis of yesteryear or the camouflage of the present. Even if you think it's a bad idea, at least it was ours.

There is only one Team of the Military and every body knows it's the the Padres. The rest of these teams are unpatriotic communists. You know it's true.

Apparently it was Mark Buehrle who magically came up with the idea while watching any number of Padres games over the last decade. Not only did he insist that the White Sox wear the camo on the 4th of July, but he had it put into his contract. Buehrle is a fraud and a war profiteer!

The White Sox are a disgrace. I'm calling for Congress to get involved. I want Mark Buehrle under oath! Let's have him tell Uncle Sam where he came up with this idea, so that we can put him behind bars where all copy cats belong!

In other news,