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Community Projection Results: Josh Fields

I said I was going to be really interested in the results, my reasoning being I was sure that Fields would produce the widest range of opinions (including some wildly optimistic ones). I was right. There were 25 responses to the Josh Fields projection, of which I decided to throw out 3 on the grounds of historically unreasonable optimistic predictions.

  • One predicted Fields to hit 50 points above his minor league average
  • One that predicted Fields to post an OBP of .520, a feat that's been accomplished 7 times since 1901 by some guys named Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, and Barry Bonds.
  • And finally one that predicted a .725 SLG, which has only been done 21 times since 1901, and never by a thirdbaseman.
I try not to wield too much influence on these projections -- I'm always interested to see where the community's opinion varies from my own -- but in this case I felt I had good reason to step in. Anyway, here are the results.

To add utility and info, I added Median in addition to our simple average. And just for Shaftr, standard deviation.

In other news, (wizard)