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Revisionist History 101 with professor Keith Foulke

[Chicago Tribune]

"I never considered myself a closer," Foulke said. "I've always been [just] a bullpen guy. Sometimes pitching in the seventh inning is more valuable than pitching in the ninth."
That's exactly how I remember it too, Keith.
* * * * *

The Chicago Tribune and the San Francisco Chronicle are both reporting that Crede-for-Lowry deal will more than likely be Crede-for-prospect(s), with Lowry staying in SF.

The Giants have a very young (2nd youngest Top 10 according to Baseball America), very raw farm system bolstered by a nice international signing (Angel Villalona) and 6 of the first 51 picks in the 2007 draft (a number of whom received over-slot bonuses). For comparisons sake, the White Sox have had a total 6 picks in the top 100 of the last three first-year player drafts, with zero over-slot bonuses.

While I'm pretty sure the the Giants won't trade any of their four 2007 first rounders, a Crede trade would be a nice way for the Sox to bring in some young talent into the organization. Both Wendell Fairley and Nick Noonan are the type multi-dimensional high-upside (position) players around whom the Sox 2007 draft was supposed to be built. Now is Kenny's chance to make up for the mistakes of last year's draft.