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Phil Rogers' pitching observations

Phil Rogers has a few observations:

Mike MacDougal looked good throwing from the bullpen mounds in Tucson on Sunday. So, too, did Javier Vazquez, who appears to have passed Mark Buehrle to become the White Sox's best pitcher.

Many believe Vazquez had a career year in 2007. I believe that he only started to fulfill his potential, largely because he stayed with the same organization two years in a row for the first time since leaving Montreal and there's no reason he shouldn't be at least as good this season.

A couple of other quick observations from that throwing session: Jack Egbert, a prospect who has climbed the ladder through the organization, throws a hard sinker with a little hitch in his delivery, which makes him tough to hit. The 6-foot-8 Adam Russell looks even more like a monster than he did last spring. And the White Sox are going to be in trouble if Toby Hall's shoulder doesn't bounce back; the cast of catchers behind A.J. Pierzynski and Hall is alarmingly thin.

In other news,