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First Full-Squad practice today

Ozzie's in mid-season form.
Watch your back, Mariotti.
Spring training, the not-yet-playing-games portion, begins in earnest later today, with Ozzie Guillen promising to deliver an explicative-laced address to his team. That 'give 'em hell' speech will be followed by the first full-squad practice of the spring. Everyone is expected to be in attendance except Danny Richar, who has already raised Guillen's ire by experiencing the all-too-common visa problems.

As far as I'm concerned the big news out of Wednesday's live bullpen session was a sighting of John Danks' perhaps-no-longer-mythical cutter by Josh Fields, who called the pitch "nastier than advertised." Supposedly, Danks has been bragging about his Buehrle-like cutter for some time now, which would make him the Larry of the White Sox clubhouse. I had just assumed that Danks' cutter was something that Larry was making up.

The fact that a major league hitter has seen Danks' cutter in the wild makes me feel better about his future. It helps temper some of those troubling trends I've pointed out in the past and gives me hope that he can use that cutter to cut his homerun rate this season.

Oh yeah, and there are those pesky Bartolo Colon rumors. Those rumors prompted Kenny to go on a rant about blogs, websites, and inaccurate reports wasting all his time. I think I heard him say he was waiting for the press release, which would make him the JRE of the Sox front office.

Comcast quoted "a source within the White Sox" as saying a deal with Colon was unlikely, but not something they could rule out. I don't really see a fit unless the deal is of the minor league variety. Otherwise, it's just guaranteeing money and a roster spot to over 30 pitcher who's battled injuries each of the last two seasons. We've already got one of those, and that's plenty.