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Spring Training Game #3: White Sox @ D'backs -- Mark Buehrle vs. Brandon Webb

Time: 2:05 p.m. CT, TV: (Live Boxscore; MLB Gameday)

Sox: Owens, CF; Cabrera, SS; Thome, DH; Dye, RF; Pierzynski, C; Fields, 3B; Quentin, LF; Liefer, 1B; Uribe, 2B

D'backs: Young, CF; Hudson, 2B; Jackson, 1B; Byrnes, LF; Reynolds, 3B; Upton, DH; Hammock, C; Nixon, RF; Ojeda, SS

Coop's adjustment on Javy:
First they adjusted Vazquez's feet, ''getting them lined up,'' as Cooper described it. Then they shortened his windup and so on and so on. ... ''To make a long story short with Javy, he was throwing roundhouse rights rather than straight rights in his delivery,'' Cooper said. ''He was looking to get better, and that's half the battle. Guys don't like to do that; you don't want to be naked out there. These were changes, not alterations.''