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Running the White Sox

Here's the one Sox item I found today (thanks to Baseball Musings): Voros McCracken notes base running isn't the problem for the White Sox:

The Chicago Tribune has a story about the White Sox new third base coach, former A’s "slugger" Jeff Cox. The White Sox want to "get back to" doing what they supposedly were doing in 2005. I find it interesting that a team that finished dead last in the Majors in On Base Percentage (despite having a DH with a .400+ OBP as opposed to a pitcher) feels that the problems stem from what happened to guys after they reached base, rather than the more obvious problem of a severe lack of guys on the basepaths to begin with.

There is nothing wrong with good baserunning, proper bunting technique, hitting cutoff men, etc. The thing is there’s a reason why they call them the ‘little things.’ All of it can get canceled out by a three run homer in a hurry. When it comes to ‘doing the little things,’ being able to do the ‘big things’ probably needs to come first.

Then he describes how the White Sox can build a team in which base running does matter (BBTF has 2 threads).

BTW, what's your Superbowl prediction? Mine? New England 42, New York 13.

In other news,