AL Central - Winter Rankings

I am using my baseball simulator that I wrote last year to rank all 6 baseball divisions based on 2008 ZIPS Projections.  The simulator uses advanced sabermetric algorithms to pit two teams against each other taking into account nearly every facet of a baseball game.  It is still light on modelling defense, as there doesn't seem to be any one defensive metric that the great minds can agree to.  In this study I took roster depth charts from both Rototimes and Yahoo and played each team against each of the other divisional teams, with #1 pitchers going up against #1 pitchers and #2 pitchers going up against #2 pitchers etc..., each game was simulated 2000 times, played at both home and away (park factors involved).  All the games are summed up and an average winning percentage is calculated.  Below are the AL Central Results.  The White Sox, obviously did not fair too well in this study.  ZIPS is not particularly kind to the ChiSox.  ZIPS creator Dan Szymboski made this comment, "they're no longer even a heavy favorite to beat out the Royals for 4th place in the division".  I am waiting for the Bedard trade to be official before posting the AL West/East rankings.

  1. Detroit .5459
  2. Cleveland .5230
  3. Minnesota .5112
  4. Kansas City .4639
  5. Chicago .4586
AL Central - Winter Rankings

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