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Community Projection Results: Young second basemen

We don't need a lot of fanfare here. I asked you guys for your projections of Danny Richar and Alexei Ramirez. Plugged them into a spreadsheet, and spit out some quick and dirty averages.

Danny Richar
Games Played: 112.4
BB: 35.5
2B: 20.8
HR: 11
SB: 10.3
AVG: .261
OBP: .320
SLG: .420

Danny would have to get hit by a lot of pitches, avoid hitting sac flies, and hit a bunch of triples to make the counting stats match the rate stats, but I still think that it's a pretty good projection. I think we'd all be satisfied if Richar was to put up a line like that over 115 starts.

Alexei Ramirez
Games Played (Majors): 53.3
Starts 2B: 28.9
AVG: .261
OBP: .306
SLG: .391

That's a line that's fairly similar to Richar's. When I was plugging the numbers into the spreadsheet and I got to Larry's projection (.275/.350/.475 in just 2 starts) I thought I should weight all of the projections on games started. The outcome was actually the opposite of intended, as it downplayed those who thought that Ramirez would spend little time while struggling at the major league level, resulting in a more optimistic .270/.322/.407 line which reflected those who thought he would spend the year with the big club.

On the minor league level, the averages looked like this:

Games Played: 69 (zeros included)
AVG: .281
OBP: .341
SLG: .449

In other news, (wizard)