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Pitching rotation realigned; Javy gets Opening Day start

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Mark Gonzales reports the White Sox realigned the pitching rotation:

With less than three weeks before the March 31 season opener, the White Sox's rotation is on the verge of a major realignment. Manager Ozzie Guillen said Wednesday Javier Vazquez would be the starter on Opening Day against Cleveland instead of Mark Buehrle, and Gavin Floyd would flop to the third spot in the rotation with John Danks if the season started Thursday. ... Guillen said Floyd's effort has sold him on moving him up from the fifth spot, with left-hander Danks tentatively scheduled to slide to the fifth spot. "Gavin Floyd has the stuff to be the No. 2 pitcher," Guillen said. "Hopefully not too far away he can be a No. 1. But he has good enough stuff to be one of those guys." ... The proposed realignment, which could be solidified as soon as Saturday, would mean left-hander Buehrle would slide to the second spot. ... Guillen also wants to avoid having Danks and Buehrle pitch on consecutive days because they're left-handers with similar styles. Jose Contreras would remain the No. 4 starter under any alignment, Guillen said.
and Ozzie on who'll hit leadoff:
With Owens out for the time being, Guillen was asked about his options for the leadoff spot. "Cabrera is a real good No. 2 hitter," the manager said, indicating that he would leave the shortstop in the second hole. "My lead off hitter needs to do two things: get on base and score runs." Guillen said he is comfortable with Nick Swisher filling that role or a combination of Owens and Pablo Ozuna.
BTW, Alexei Ramirez will bat leadoff Friday (offday tomorrow).
In other news,