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Spring Training Game #21: White Sox @ Brewers (SS) -- Javier Vazquez vs. Carlos Villanueva

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Time: 3:05 p.m. CT, TV: CSN,, Radio: (Live Boxscore; MLB Gameday)

Sox: Ozuna, SS; Ramirez, CF; Swisher, LF; Fields, 3B; Anderson, B, RF; Richar, 2B; Hall, C; Eldred, 1B; Vazquez, J, P

Brewers (SS): Escobar, SS; Cameron, M, CF; Gross, LF; Fielder, 1B; Hall, 3B; Kapler, RF; Nunez, 2B; Villanueva, P; Kendall, C

Walker is aboard the Swagger Express:
''What I'm seeing this year is they didn't like it,'' Walker said of the Sox' bottom-feeder numbers. ''And I'm seeing a different look in their eyes. We are a deeper team than we were last year offensively, but we've still got our question marks. We're not a perfect team -- not that anybody is. But the biggest addition are these two guys [Nick Swisher and Orlando Cabrera] who are professionals. They bring swagger. They bring attitude. And they're really good players. That's something we missed here last year.
In other news,