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White Sox opening day roster is far from set

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Alexei Ramirez made his center field debut on Monday, which seems to indicate that the Sox are considering keeping him on the big league roster in a super-utility role. According to Ken Rosenthal, Kenny Williams "has asked the White Sox's coaches to draw up plans detailing how many at-bats Ramirez would get in different scenarios."

I've been impressed with Ramirez this spring. I didn't expect too much after he dropped out of the DWL and failed to draw much interest from other major league clubs. He's surpassed some of my expectations, but he's still got some work to do before he's an everyday major leaguer. Right now, I'd call him a utility player with potential.

Ramirez' emergence may land the Sox in a bit of a roster crunch. They plan on carrying 12 pitchers, which leaves only 4 bench spots for position players. Pablo Ozuna and Toby Hall would seem to have two of them locked up. Brian Anderson has had a great spring, and looks like he'll take the 4th outfield spot, with Jerry Owens as the everyday "leadoff man." If Ramirez fills the remaining slot as a super-utility man, Danny Richar, Carlos Quentin, and possibly even Josh Fields could end up in Charlotte.

  • I mention that Josh Fields could end up in Charlotte because my own unofficial Joe Crede trade date has come and gone with the only serious suitor for Crede backing off their initial interest in part because of Crede's poor showing this spring. I'm actually starting to believe that Crede could end up being the Sox opening day 3B, with Fields in the minors.
  • Anderson may be writing his ticket out of town with his hot play. If Ramirez is viewed as a 4th outfielder, the Sox could ship Anderson out to a team interested in overrating spring performance. The Cubs are said to have at least some interest.
  • I eventually did make it to Miller's Pub on Saturday. I was out and about, running late, and didn't log-in to catch any of the warnings. Got there around 4. Fought the crowd to get in, fought the crowd to get out. Left by 4:10.

    The day wasn't a total loss awash among the drunken green masses, however. I did have a nice blue line date with a cute, mousy, redhead Minnesotan. Nothing will come of it, but the Cheat's still got it.

  • I made a South Side Sox NCAA Tournament group over at ESPN.

    Group: (South Side Sox)
    Password: SSSwagger

  • Scouting DLS' mechanics
  • Sports Illustrated will soon have its entire archive online for FREE.