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Joe Crede Homers in Front of Giants' Scouts

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The spring games are already starting to feel mundane. Gavin Floyd pitched alright, I guess. He could have been better, but Ozzie continues to be pleased. The story from game four, aside from the Sox winning their 3rd in a row -- we're taking spring training seriously this year, remember -- was Joe Crede's homerun off of Arizona's top pitching prospect.

No, not Jarrod Parker. Max Scherzer, the 11th overall pick in 2006 who held out until the very last possible moment before finally signing for $4.3M. Scherzer is not your typical AA pitcher. He was considered one of the top 3-5 players on early draft boards, but slipped a bit as an injury had him skip some games. He's got mid-to-high 90's heat, and many consider his future as a closer. Update [2008-3-2 2:38:23 by The Cheat]: Scherzer was reportedly throwing in the mid-90's Saturday.

But this story isn't about Scherzer, it's about Joe Crede. A healthy Joe Crede. A healthy Joe Crede who hit a tape measure shot (video) off a pitcher with some incredible stuff. And he did it in front of "dozens of scouts" including Ted Uhlaender, one of San Francisco's top talent evaluators, according to Mark Gonzalez. How often do you see a scout's name in the paper when they haven't been just hired or fired? There has never been a more obviously telegraphed trade in the Kenny Williams era.

I still say Crede has 2 more weeks in a Sox uniform though.

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Nick Masset gets the start in Mexico Sunday. Any stats Masset accumulates in Mexico count about as much as the stats Brian Anderson accumulates in Tucson.

In other news, (wizard)