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The White Sox second base soap opera

Wednesday, Juan Uribe was placed on waivers (of some kind). Thursday, he was apparently pulled back, or he wasn't. We don't really know, since the Sox can't comment. There could be trade talks happening as you read this, or they could have fallen apart already. Uribe was in the lineup Thursday, collecting the Sox first hit of the game. Though his longer-term future with the Sox is in question. Said Guillen, "get back to me tomorrow."

Wednesday, Danny Richar was supposed to play his 5th game of the spring at second base. He was a late scratch, and went in for an MRI instead. Thursday came news that MRI showed a stress fracture in Richar's rib stemming (and I'm assuming here) from a car accident he had in the off-season. He will be out 4-6 weeks and will be placed on the DL sometime before the season starts.

Wednesday, Alexei Ramirez' got his second straight start in center field. By Thursday, Ozzie Guillen has seen enough to practically guarantee he is coming north with the club in one role or another.

"Is he on the roster? Yes," manager Ozzie Guillen said of Ramirez, 26, who has impressed the Sox in his first major-league camp since leaving Cuba. "The thing is: How many games can he play? We're going to sit down and see how many at-bats he can get. Whether it's at second base, not second base, everything is about playing time.

"I don't care if this kid sits for 10 days--if he's going to help us win. Development? I'm not going to develop my players for someone else. I learned my lesson [in Florida]."

I'm going to take Ozzie's advice, and won't bother speculating on the situation until after the weekend wraps up.
"I should have an idea when we go back to Tucson [Saturday night] what type of ballclub we're going to have," said Guillen.
We hope so.