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Sunday Night post

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I just got an email in my inbox saying we could be off-line for the move by as early as 11PM Chicago time, so I'm quickly throwing this post up here as a placeholder. I'll add to it for as long as I can.

I'm never around in the morning, and Monday will be no different. So the introductory post by Trei, our lead programmer (or something like that) should be on the right sidebar in the area you currently know as Diaries. Please make sure to read it, as it will make your transition much smoother.

I probably won't have the time to do it before 1.0 disappears, but I'll make a post sometime today (Monday) that helps demonstrate some of the new features that aren't yet apparent.

It now occurs to me that even this post might now make the trip. D'oh!

I encourage you all to use the next week before the season starts as a sort of Spring Training for our new platform. Test out the FanPosts and FanShots. Don't be afraid to make a mistake. It's spring training for us too!

* * * * *

In as quick as I can type White Sox news, Mark Gonzales offers some insights into the final roster. Gonzo seems convinced that Wasserman will make the club, which he's rightfully earned in major and minor league performance plus a solid spring, including a nice 1.2 innings on Sunday, but I'll believe it when I see it. I just think they are going to give Masset every opportunity to sink himself. And since MacDougal has an option remaining, and continues to walk guys, MMac might be the one who ends up in Charlotte. But that's just my gut talking, so it could be some bad Easter ham.

Ozzie seems non-committal on Brian Anderson making the club, which I can understand. I haven't seen anything new from Anderson this spring. The gut says he makes it, with the Sox unable to trade him for value. In that scenario, Josh Fields and Carlos Quentin end up in Charlotte (along with possibly Wasserman) because Kenny Williams was unable to properly guage the (trade) value of his own players versus his own view of their talent/worth.