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Spring Training Game #7: White Sox @ Royals -- John Danks vs. John Bale

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Time: 2:05 p.m. CT, TV: CSN,, Radio: (Live Boxscore; MLB Gameday)

Sox: Richar, 2B; Ramirez, SS; Fields, 3B; Dye, RF; Liefer, DH; Quentin, LF; Anderson, CF; Eldred, 1B; Armstrong, C

Royals: Gathright, CF; German, 2B; Teahen, DH; Butler, 1B; Maier, LF; Buck, C; Hollins, RF; Lisson, 3B; Pena, T, SS


The Legend on Eugenio Velez:

"That guy floats, man," teammate Aaron Rowand said. "When he runs, it doesn't even look like his feet touch the ground. Most guys, they run like this (head bobbing up and down). Velez is like this (not a single head movement). That's when you know a guy is fast."