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Eugenio Velez: The next Pablo Ozuna?

Eugenio Velez is fast. Do.Not.WantEugenio Velez is a name you should know for all the wrong reasons.
I entered the name Joe Crede, as a potential trade target, into my Google Alerts sometime last May. I like to keep extra close tabs on the guys who I suspect are on the trade block. So tonight when I saw the headline Some sunny prospects for Giants' future in my inbox labeled Crede, I thought 'hey this must be an article about some of the guys we might be able to get for Crede.' Turns out the "prospects" mentioned are all of the low-ceilinged, very-close-to-contributing variety.

One prospect received most of the column-inches; Eugenio Velez, a speedy 25 year-old (26 in May) with just 29 at-bats above AA. I just so happened to catch a a glimpse of Velez in the Cubs game on CSN Sunday. In fact, when Len Kasper said his name as he stepped up to the plate for the first time, I payed particular attention because I remembered him ranking as the Giants #7 prospect by Baseball America mixed in with a bunch of guys who I wouldn't mind acquiring in a Crede trade. Let's just say, I hope the Sox weren't watching.

Velez inside-outed a fastball weakly back up the middle for a looping base hit, then immediately stole two bases. He added a third later in the game to make him 6-6 on the young spring. Velez is exactly what the Sox seem to crave, and exactly what they don't need; a natural 2B, future utility man, who has already bounced between the infield and outfield, never displayed any plate discipline in the minors, and has had one good minor league season under his belt while being old for his league. But he's fast.

The most obvious trade in Kenny Williams tenure as White Sox GM just got more obvious.

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If you want a recap of the Sox split squad games, AZ Snake Pit was at one of them. They seem surprised that Greg Walker hasn't been able to help Carlos Quentin lay off low and away sliders.

I'm sure Jim will have something up sometime tomorrow. (Sunday was his last day, so it might take a little bit longer for the last update because of travel.) I just have no interest in discussing the viability of Nick Masset as a starter after 3 successful innings in Mexico.