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Well Hello There

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If you scroll down to the bottom of SSS, you'll see colintj listed under "contributing authors". It's been there for a few weeks now and hopefully this post will go towards making that less of a misnomer, but in general it's tough to do posts without a laptop and until that bugger gets fixed, there won't be many of these unless our esteemed overlord tells me otherwise.

So why am I here? Well for one, Cheat asked if anyone wanted to and I like writing about baseball a hell of a lot more than writing about To The Lighthouse (we can still be friends, Virginia...Now get those large stones out of your pockets. Yes, I said now.) or whatever and whenever it is I get a real job, I'll still prefer baseball. Apparently no one else signed up and I won thanks to the two sweetest words in the English language: de-fault. So as long as Cheat will have me, I'll try to get up some interesting commentary in the vein of the diaries/fanposts I've done in the past. My focus will probably be on the pitching aspect of the game as have my posts in general, but I'm also hoping this will inspire me to really get after some of the loftier thoughts I have from time to time. Maybe I'll even take Stats 350 in the fall.

In terms of what I'll be looking for this year, I'm going to try to see if we can't start perhaps predicting Kenny a little better. He's a pretty constant surprise, to the point of refusing to make the most obvious trade ever (Crede). It would appear he's boxed himself in, forced to compete now with little help coming in the minors. If he can simultaneously get a .500+ ball club and make '09 and '10 look somehow sunnier, then he'll have had as much success as the aftermath of '07 allowed him to. This draft is huge, as will be letting go of the OC. As to the latter, I have to think the hitting of the Cuban Missile will be a matter of intense scrutiny. If Ramirez can make Cabrera redundant, we will be well poised to end up with more assets. We still desperately need young position players and the draft is becoming the only way to get them, thanks to no trade clauses and crap performance. It's a balancing act that Kenny is playing; making one more move that leaves him an asset shy may handcuff this team no matter how stealthily KW manuevers on the trading block. It's going to be a close one, folks.