In Which Don Guillote Lays Down And Dies

I realize that it's only one game but Ozzie missed an opportunity to let his actions speak for all of his Spring Training talk.  There were three very questionable calls by the umpires today, which clearly effected the outcome of the game.  Ozzie came out three times, nodded politely, and proceeded back to the dugout every time.  While I don't think it's necassary to pull a Bobby Cox every time there is a questionable call, or that arguing calls will get you better calls later, I do believe that Ozzie led with his mouth on this one.

All spring we heard Ozzie saying that he's going back to old Ozzie.  That he's going to be setting a fire under these guys.  Immediately he has the opportunity to fight for his men, especially Crede who was clearly upset, and he does absolutely nothing.  I don't think this necessarily hurts the team but I do think Ozzie held the match to light the proverbial fire under the asses of this team.

Instead, Ozzie laid down and died.

How do you feel?

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