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Konerko, Crede Rumors

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Shaftr points us towards a note in SI about the impending Joe Crede deal.

The White Sox apparently haven't been enamored by what the Giants have to offer for third baseman Joe Crede. A Giants person conceded, "We badly need bats,'' but they aren't to the point where they'll give up any of their better pitchers to get them. One possibility could be hard-throwing reliever Jonathan Sanchez, though it appears now that Crede may not be traded until closer to this summer's deadline.
I'll keep saying that the Sox need to shift their focus to one of the Giants young, recently drafted position players. You know, because the Sox system is loaded with multi-talented position prospects.
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Robothal fans the Paul Konerko rumors, which only seem plausible if the Sox main goal was to get out from under a contract that's soon to become immovable (10/5 rights).

If the Mets wanted to do something truly extravagant, they could make a run at White Sox first baseman Paul Konerko, who remains quietly available, according to a major-league source.

Unlikely as a trade of Konerko might be, such a move would be especially appealing to the White Sox if they could acquire a quality starting pitcher in return. Konerko, because of his service time, will gain full no-trade protection early in the season. The White Sox could move center fielder Nick Swisher or left fielder/third baseman Josh Fields to first and keep Joe Crede at third in his final year before becoming a free agent.

Every move the Sox have made since June (Pierzynski, Buehrle, Dye extensions, linebrink signing, trading our top 5 prospects) has involved keeping or adding to their aging core. Why would they stop now? This is just rumor-pr0n for the boys in Crede's Crew.
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Elsewhere, Rick Morissey wonders if the Sox are all talk, no Swagger -- The Grinder Era is dead, long live The Swagger! -- and goes on to call them an 85 win team. 85 wins? That calls for a rally.