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Did the market for Crede just get larger?

There has been talk that the Dodgers, who have an increasingly ineffective Nomar Garciapara and the injured Andy LaRoche (out 8-10 weeks) at 3B, have expressed interest in the Tigers' displaced 3B Brandon Inge. Like Robothal, I struggled to see how and why the Dodgers would make that move. With the news of LaRoche's surgery, however, I can finally understand the why.

Which brings up the question: Why not Joe Crede?

Crede and Inge are very similar players in that they're both low-OBP, defensive minded, slugging third basemen. But Crede brings more power, a better contact rate, and a smaller salary -- Inge is owed $19.1M over the next three years. Why wouldn't the Dodgers be interested?

They wouldn't be locking themselves into a 2.5 years of an overpriced bench player when LaRoche gets healthy. And Crede might be movable at the trade deadline to a team like the Indians, who might be looking for 3B help by then.

I know, I know, Crede's got a bum back. But he's appeared healthy (with the exception of his throws to 1B) in camp, and the Dodgers might only need him for 2-3 months anyway.

If nothing else, the prospect of the Dodgers possibly being interested in a Crede-type player should give Kenny Williams some added leverage in the eventual deal with the Giants.