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Juan Uribe is the front-runner for the 2nd base job

[Scott Merkin]:

Ozzie Guillen disagrees with the assessment that if [Alexei] Ramirez can play shortstop, which he has done adeptly during Spring Training, then he should be able to naturally make the move to second base.

With that thought in mind, the White Sox manager plans to use Ramirez more regularly at second over the final 17 Cactus League games.

"Second base is a different position," Guillen told a reporter after Sunday's loss to the Padres. "From now on, we're going to put him more at second base to get him used to it and to see how we can help him to do that."

Guillen reaffirmed that Ramirez will be in the starting mix at this position, although Juan Uribe appears to be the front-runner when factoring in Danny Richar's back injury and Ramirez's defensive inexperience. Pablo Ozuna will not start at second because he is too valuable as a utility infielder.

Ozuna played shortstop on Sunday and could find action from third to first during the regular season.

"It has to be an extreme emergency to put him back in the outfield," said Guillen of Ozuna. "I just want him to concentrate on the infield."

Our friend Tadahito Iguchi also thinks Uribe will be the one that will take the 2nd base job.
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