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I'll take blasphemy for $800, Alex

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Joe Cowley has a ridiculously high opinion of Jerry Owens. In an article where he proclaims Owens the Sox center fielder, Juan Uribe the second baseman, and Josh Fields their starting third baseman, Cowley writes:

"If speed kills, Owens is a serial killer. He is a true leadoff hitter, with Kenny Lofton-like potential. Besides adding 10 pounds of muscle during the offseason, his confidence is sky-high. A tweaked groin has slowed him down a bit, but he should be fine."
Kenny Lofton is not a Hall of Famer, but he is a Hall of Very Gooder, much more than Jerry Owens could ever hope to be. For example, in Lofton's age 27 season (1994), he posted a .349/.412/.536 line and finished 4th in MVP voting behind some guys named Thomas, Griffey, and Belle. He stole 60 bases and hit 53 extra-base hits in a strike-shortened 112 games.

Jerry Owens is entering his age 27 season. He has posted a .270/.341/.353 line over the last two seasons in a AAA hitters park, compiling 37 extra base hits and 63 stolen bases in 171 AAA games.

It's like looking in a freakin' mirror.