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White Sox Unveil Monument, Call it an Offense

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There wasn't much fight in the White Sox offense Friday night, unless you count the animated Jim Thome, who was ejected for just the third time in his career. Nick Swisher got (most of) the night off to nurse a sore hip flexor, and the rest of the Sox offense followed suit.

The Sox quickly had the erratic Dontrelle Willis on the ropes before he was pulled without retiring a batter in the first, but couldn't put together anything against a Tigers bullpen which entered the game as one of the worst in baseball. They managed just 4 hits in 9 innings off a group that had allowed 38 in 32 innings entering the night.

I had the pleasure of missing most of this one, so I'll leave the specifics up to you guys. Thankfully there's another game in a little over 12 hours.