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MacDougal optioned to Charlotte

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I don't have time to put together recap tonight. Let's just say that if the Sox managed to lose that game on the back of another poor bullpen performance, I would have gone off on the bullpen construction. Because if Ozzie doesn't have enough confidence in his non-Linebrink/Jenks right handers to pitch them in a tight game, we need Ehren Wasserman here now.

I'll save the persuasive argument for another night, because it appears that Wassermann is on his way. 670 The Score reported that Mike MacDougal has been optioned to Charlotte "with a corresponding move coming Sunday." I can't say for sure that it's Wassermann being called up, as the Sox will probably need a 6th starter for the Twins series. So it's either Wasserman, with Nick Masset taking the spot start, or Lance Broadway with Wasserman in tow behind him.

So even though the Sox continued to look very ordinary on their way to a split with the Orioles--not a good team, despite their record--Saturday was a good day. Wassermann appears to be on his way.