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Swisher, Sox Offense Bring the Awesome

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  • Nick Swisher's lead-off home run was the White Sox first since Aaron Rowand went deep off Brian Anderson in October of 2004.
  • The last time the Sox won a game by 11 or more runs was the 4th of July 2006.
  • I'm having trouble remembering the exact stat at this moment -- which is odd, because I beat it into the ground last year -- for the longest time last season the only Sox blowout victory was Buehrle's no-hitter.

In other words, the Grinder Era is dead.

The Sox were far from perfect on Sunday night; Joe Crede reprised his spring training throwing woes, Orlando Cabrera bobbled a ball at short, Carlos Quentin dropped a routine flyball, Jim Thome failed to reach base. Yet they still found a way to blow the Tigers out.

With a little help from Carlos Guillen and the Detroit bullpen the offense took an otherwise close game and made it a laugher in relatively little time. With the Sox up 3-1 in the 6th, Guillen dropped an routine throw for what would have been out two. The Sox took advantage.
  • Jermaine Dye doubled -- A normal runner would have scored from first, but Jon Miller noted that Paul Konerko was "digging for third."
  • Pierzynski got an intentional free pass to set up the DP for Quentin
  • Quentin quickly came through with one of his specialties, the HBP
  • Crede, who had one of the most misleading 4-5 performances I've ever seen, found exactly the right spot in the Tigers infield to extend the inning.
  • Uribe'd
  • Swisher drove a single back up the middle to score Quentin
  • Cabrera finally came through at the plate, splitting the right field gap for a bases clearing double, and the Sox lead 9-1.

In many ways, I know it's too early to get excited about the Sox play. I know it's too early to draw too many conclusions from what we've seen so far. But it's just refreshing to have 3 outfielders for a change. It's amazing what a couple extra major league hitters can do for a lineup.

It's already shaping up to be a more fun season than last year.