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Sox Reach .500, In Case You Cared

A Jim Thome (!) RBI single in the top of the ninth plated AJ Pierzynski in what was seemingly the least likely way the Sox could have possibly won tonight's game. The Sox now mosey back into second place in the AL Central, 1.5 games back of the Wahoos. Tonight's game was one that most would have figured for a win, save for a lack of defense, and it seems like a minor miracle that the Sox pulled it out.


  • Carlos Quentin is apparently human, after allowing a fly ball to drop right in front of him (and in front of Orlando Cabrera and Joe Crede) that led to the first two runs of the game. They went down as earned, but CQ, if no one else, should have taken charge on that fly ball. 
  • Speaking of Joe Crede, his defense nearly cost the Sox the game on a bobble that allowed the Angels to score their third run of the game. Brooks Robinson, indeed.
  • AJ was once again impressive in the two hole, finishing with three hits - none more impressive than what should have been a leadoff single in the ninth. He pushed the issue with Reggie Willits and was able to stretch the single into a double. CQ nearly doubled off the wall - settling for moving AJ over - before Thome delivered two batters later. If nothing else, AJ is playing some of the smartest baseball on the team.
  • Paul Konerko looked to be in a lot of pain throughout each of his at bats. He was icing his thumb in between innings and had a noticeable grimace after each swing of the bat. He could sit in favor of Brian Anderson (with Nick Swisher moving to first) if he really seems to be in as much pain as he's been showing. If a DL stint occurs, watch for Jerry Owens to get a call.
  • Juan Uribe left the game with a pulled hammy, watch for the Cuban Missile to start at second tomorrow night.
  • The pitching was stout once again. Javy Vazquez was able to work out of most of his jams, Matt Thornton got the one guy he was supposed to (though Crede had other plans), Ocatvio Dotel remained on fire, and Bobby Jenks had one of his more impressive 1-2-3 saves this year.
  • The Cheat was benched tonight in order to rest up for interleague play.
This brings the Sox to 4-3 on this west coast swing, which isn't too damn bad for a team with historic struggles on the left side of America. With a three game set against a San Francisco team that is the opposite of talented, we should expect nothing worse than 6-4 on this road trip.