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Toby Hall Owns Barry Zito; Sox Back in First

Since The Cheat isn't in a recapping mood, I figured I'd dust off my journalistic skills once again and recap the game you probably already watched. 

Mark Buehrle picked up his second win of the season by taking advantage of a mediocre (at best) Giants offense. DJ remarked early that it looked like Buehrle was taking longer in his delivery than usual. You can be the judge, as there was no frame of reference. Regardless, he wasn't subject to any real fielding mishaps, and, despite some at bats that went a little longer than they needed to, looked decent enough. His three walks were a combination of trying to get cute on the corners, as well as an ump with a tight zone, but his 14:5 groundball to flyball ratio was nice to see. 


For the life of me, I cannot understand why anyone would watch this Giants team. Barry Zito was godawful on the mound, being saved from a pounding due to the inability of the Sox to get runners in. A left on base total of 14 is pretty damn ugly, and that's all that saved Zito from having his ERA jump even higher.


Back to the Sox, Pablo Ozuna looked decent enough at the plate, but his play in the field stood out tonight. He flashed the leather and displayed a good arm at third base. As the only real backup third base option on the roster, it's nice to see that his glove is holding up. 

Jermaine Dye collected three hits on the night, but also left five guys on base on a night when we needed them. He did come up with a web gem in the field, however, so hopefully he can keep up the hot play.

Toby Hall with three hits. I hope Zito is crying softly into his pillow right about now.


Last year's bullpen failures made watching the last 2.1 innings of this game a complete joy. Octavio Dotel came in with the bases loaded in the bottom of the seventh, and completely worked over Randy Winn. Scott Linebrink cruised through the eighth, a Bengie Molina single notwithstanding, and Bobby Jenks looked nasty as ever, with a fastball that was dancing all over the zone. His fastball to strike out Rich Aurilia was simply silly, running in on the hands.


The Sox go for the sweep tomorrow afternoon, sending John Danks to the mound to continue his streak on unabashed awesomeness. San Francisco sends Matt Cain. Will we see the Sunday Getaway Lineup? Brian Anderson sure hopes so.