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After the 2005 season, 8-game winning streaks feel a little more special. The Sox put together 4 separate 8-game streaks that year, with the last one culminating in a pile of World Series champions on the Houston infield. So running their winning streak to 8 holds a little more meaning, at least for this fan.

I don't want to diminish the Sox sweep -- and my superstitious side would never have allowed me to bring this up during the series itself -- but they caught Cleveland at the right time. The tribe scored 4 runs in the series, and managed just 13 hits in 27 innings (90 at-bats, .144 average). Sure, part of that is good pitching, but much of it is a Cleveland squad which hasn't scored more than 4 runs in any of their last 11 games, averaging 2.34 R/G over that stretch.

I don't want to further diminish the Sox streak, so I won't, even though I could. Superstitions, you know?

On the game

Remember yesterday when I said that I only write about what I want to write about, that I write for me? Well, I was writing a boring recap of an otherwise good game, and my heart wasn't in it. So I deleted it.

Sometimes it's best to say nothing when you just don't have anything interesting to say. Quentin rules.