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Sox Satisfy With Series Capping Comeback

Gavin Floyd gave up hits in bunches, AJ Pierzynski and Carlos Quentin brought the Sox back twice, and the bullpen continued its run of excellence to get the Sox back on track with a series victory.

Someone--I thought it was Jim until I wasn't able to find the link--said the series opener was a satisfying victory, but for my money, of which I have none to spare, Wednesday's win might have been the most satisfying of the season.

I didn't get to see any of the first 5 innings, and tuned in just in time to see Floyd give up the go-ahead HR to Jhonny Peralta, so I can't really say anything about his outing other than it would be nice to see him continue to post the same peripherals for the rest of the season.

Pierzynski and Quentin were the story of the offense. First productive-outing their way into the lead from a bases loaded, nobody out situation in the 5th. Then providing the second comeback go-ahead runs with back-to-back doubles off Rafael Betancourt in the 7th.

The bullpen continued its fine work with three scoreless inning of relief. They have not allowed an earned run since San Francisco, a span of 25 innings. It wasn't all easy though. Octavio Dotel pitched over a leadoff walk. The first two batters hit Scott Linebrink hard, but both for outs. And Bobby Jenks had to pitch over a Joe Crede error and a 2nd & 3rd, one out situation to finish things off. The pen has really earned their streak.

The two comebacks, the Pick Me Up for a pitcher who should have gotten a victory last time out, the living on the edge relief work we haven't seen since 2005, which will hopefully help to bury the Team in Turmoil meme made this one the most satisfy victory of the year. To me, at least.